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The Last Station Scripted Podcast: Episodes 101 and 102 Live Now!

Are you listening?

Art by Noah Suarez-Sikes

If you haven't heard by now, The Last Station is Kingdom of Pavement's first scripted podcast following a radio host trapped in her radio station and broadcasting from the end of the world. It's a sci-fi audio drama about what it means to find hope in the darkness.

I wrote and created this podcast, but we've got an incredible team who are bringing it to life, including our stars Portia Juliette and Sid Phoenix.

Check out the episodes below, and if you want to support us on Patreon for free swag or leave us a review on Apple Podcasts, that would be rad.

Episode One: Goodbye, World

When a lonely radio host gets her first caller since she's been trapped in her radio station after the apocalypse, a mystery starts to unfold about what's transpired since the end of the world.

Episode Two: The White Rocks

As Holden continues on his journey to find his brother, a ghost from his past comes back into his orbit with a warning.


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