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The Journey of Kingdom of Pavement: From Open Mics to Scripted Podcasts

It's funny how time passes. It felt like a moment ago we were listening to live music with you all in our open mic nights, or setting up for our first secret show.

And yet, here we are: two years later, still in COVID, and now we've become a completely different company. We're still focused on funding artists and telling bold stories, but now we're doing so through scripted podcasts.

How We Made the Jump to Scripted Podcasts

When we were forced to shutter our live events programming due to COVID, we knew that we didn't want to stop collaborating with actors, musicians, and storytellers.

Personally, I've always wanted to dive into audio storytelling. I grew up listening to radio dramas like War of the Worlds, and that inspired me to produce my podcast The Last Station about the last radio station on earth. I asked musicians that were featured performers from our open mic nights to join us on the show, and they shared their songs with us for the story.

At that point in mid-2020, Kyle Cords stepped in to help, and we hired a new team. Kyle served as Executive Producer on our podcasts The Last Station and Just to Be Nominated, and showrunner on our yet-to-be-announced newest podcast coming out in 2022.

Just to Be Nominated was our Oscars murder mystery podcast created by showrunner Jorge Molina that aired January 2021. Director/producer Alexi Gonzalez also served as a key role as Editorial Consultant on that show.

From there, our team grew, we continued releasing episodes of The Last Station this year, and we launched our first unscripted podcast, The Nowhere Room, following my and Kyle's musings about our time in Hollywood, and our observations as creatives and entrepreneurs.

What's Next for Kingdom of Pavement

We've got two final episodes for The Last Station airing in 2022, wrapping up the season.

And then?

You're not ready for what we have yet to announce.

Stay tuned, listeners: we can't wait to share what our Kingdom has in store for you.

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