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Sounds from Our Kingdom of Pavement: Up-and-Coming Los Angeles Musicians and Singer/Songwriters

Chalk Art by @Vandercallispan

We've been lucky that the infectious magic of our open mic nights continues to spread. While we don't have any more events planned until the beginning of next year, we want to keep the party going.

Enter: the Kingdom of Pavement Spotify Playlist.

On this first playlist, you'll recognize Banana Who, the electric duo who's been getting everyone dancing the past two open mic nights. Their new single Needle is here keep us grooving until the early hours of the morning.

If you were at our last open mic night, you'll remember Mau's awesome acoustic set. We've featured his band Night Lights on this playlist, which is reminiscent of early 2000's indie favorites like MGMT but with with a 2019 synth spin. We've also included a few of our favorite tracks from his other band Wolfside as well.

You'll recognize Idalia, who earlier this summer helped me face my fear of heights at a Bouldering gym while we talked music and her success so far as an actress.

Will See has performed at our last two open mic nights (and is also kind enough to help us perfect our sound!) and we've put one of his bops on this playlist as well. (I'm allowed to call it a bop if we can't stop listening to it, okay???)

Deli Hours, the awesome jazz/indie band at our second open mic night, is also heavily featured on this playlist. They blend genres in a really unique way, and their sound is akin to watching the glow of the sun fade behind the powerlines and palm trees on the horizon.

We've included some other local favorite up-and-coming artists as well, including Ocean Pleasant and Fox Sinclair. These ladies are rad and their sounds are unique and a must-add to all your playlists.

Subscribe to our playlist as we'll continue to add more incredible rulers in this kingdom of pavement. You'll thank us later when these artists are touring the world to sold-out stadiums.

Sounds of the City

Listen below or follow this link to get to our Spotify playlist.

Support the artists on this playlist by following them, going to their shows, and sharing with the world.

Roll the windows down, turn the speakers up, and enjoy these smooth tunes, fam.


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