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Secret Show: Poet Elena Murray

Back in February, we brought together a special group of performers together for what we thought was going to be the first of a long secret show series.

Alas, when COVID hit, we lost our in-person community, but we've done our best to try and keep in touch and rebuild a new kingdom through our scripted podcasts and upcoming collaborations.

Poet Elena Murray has been a staple of our community since the beginning, and if you've been to any of our open mic nights you'll remember her powerful poetry. You can follow Elena on Instagram @ElenaScarlettMurray.

Interview with Poet Elena Murray

In this interview, Amy Suto and Flannery Maney sit down with Elena to talk all things poetry -- and even try our hand at some improvisational poetry.

Elena Performs Her Poem, "A Haiku About Menstruation"

Elena kicks off the show with her "Haiku About Menstruation," a short and sweet (or not-so-sweet) piece about the female condition.

Elena Performs Her Poem, "Baby Girl"

Next, Elena performs her original poem "Baby Girl."

Elena Performs Her Poem, "Synonyms for Envy"

In Elena's last piece of her performance, she explores the concept of envy in her moving poem.

While the ways in which poetry is performed has moved from open mics to virtual spaces, there will always be a need to champion the written word. We look forward to championing poets like Elena as she continues on her artistic journey.


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