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Secret Show: Listening to the Dark Disco Band The Levenbirds

And we're back with our next installment in our secret show series!

For those of you who might have missed it, back in February we held a secret show where we taped some incredible performers. Since then, we've been slowly releasing the tapes, reminiscing about the days in which we were able to bring people together in physical spaces.

Next up is the incredible band Levenbirds. Their music videos are wild and a ton of fun, and their stylish sounds match their stylish appearance. They're just cool, okay?

There's also a complexity to their sound that just feels like a party in your eardrums. Their "dark, dancey disco" sound have been an audience hit since we featured them at one of our pre-pandemic open mic nights.

Be sure to check out their website for links to all of the incredible music.

Interview with The Band Levenbirds

Flannery and I sat down with the band Levenbirds to talk all things fashion, music videos, and inspiration for their music.

(Also if you haven't seen their music video Heaven, HIGHLY recommend to go check that out now as it's a fun talking point in our interview!)

Christopher, William, and Eric are brothers who grew up in Istanbul with no TV or radio, and it was really fascinating to hear about how their band came to be and the inspiration behind their songs.

Levenbirds Perform "Heaven"

There's so much I love about Heaven. The techno beat, the extraordinarily dreamy vocals -- the verdict is in, and Heaven is out of this world.

I think one of the reasons the Levenbirds have really stood out to us here at Kingdom of Pavement is that their sound is so unique. I don't know if that means in order to be a good artist I have to give up TV and go off the grid, but it's clear that Levenbirds have cultivated an iconic combination of elements that feels fresh and irresistible.

Go follow and stream the Levenbirds and prepare to get your dance party on no matter where you're quarantined!


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