Poetry: You Can't Save Me by Amy Suto

handsome boy you can’t save me so don’t even try

I’ve built these bars from bones of dead heroes

stronger than your savior complex

I’ve slipped past your open arms, onto other prospects

charming sir you can’t break these chains so give up now

I looped them together, welded sorrows of sightless souls

more real than your projection of me, pure fantasy

watch as I dismantle her duality

clever man you can’t clear my sight

I crafted these cataracts of crushed confidence

my heart breaks sharper than your vanity

here I am in 20/20, in the shade of the palm trees but you still can’t see me

darling gentleman, you can’t rescue me

tossed in the waves of the storm

until I catch the life raft that’s always drifted at sea

and it’s her I find, the missing key

perfect girl, you brought me to life

resuscitated my reeling heart

dragon ink, spiraling smoke, spinning pole, sweet sweat

silly shakespeare, disco panics, soft sighs, a vino vignette

still lost, but for once, truly found.


Amy Suto is a writer and the co-founder of KINGDOM OF PAVEMENT, and started this publication to bring visibility to rising creatives doing great things in Los Angeles and beyond. She’s a TV writer, and most recently co-wrote an episode of the show CONDOR on the Audience Network. In her free time, she pole dances, teaches yoga, and attends immersive theater shows. She also runs a writing blog at AmySuto.com.


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