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Poetry: Remember by Faith Christiansen

he turned to me and said “This is a .... .”

(I miss your hairpins in my box of fishing hooks. Can’t tell whether the trees outline the sky or the sky outlines the trees

The current, when it’s strong, is a heart instead of a circle)

I slapped him.

I remember

When we first met there

and the sea of a sky rhymed his name with every cloud, every raindrop, every drip of sun

it’s midnight face echoing his name over again a year ago


I remember

I was sure I would never be next to him

because I am a solitary traveler like this:




O Ne.

I hate him.

We will not go any longer like this. We can’t go any further

But now we lie here before dawn under the fading Little Dipper that only we can find

A row of corn We haven’t smashed yet

We settle feel the eyes watching

Eyes of the disappearing heavens and insects we can’t begin to name

We hear a voice weaving through the air

A neighbor’s record player

it is a mournful voice

A contralto trills out a melody and I follow its thread all the way to the harmony at the window and force my voice to tread along

And he looked at her. “This is a ------” he said.

I pushed him away again.

he looks like a compost pile doesn’t he? The musty water floods our nostrils. goose bumps

A pond.

adorns the apple orchard a path with dirt and twigs and pebbles leads further into the woods

opposite the corn field

he is all I want.





L I don’t W a nt.


Faith Christiansen is a singer/songwriter based in Columbus, Ohio. Catch her work at local farmers markets, coffee shops, and dive bars. Faith is a poet and she enjoys creating short pieces exploring letter placement on the page and intentional use of spacing within her work. Check out her work on IG @christiansenf1 and keep an eye out for her website coming soon.


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