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Poetry: On the Moon by Gregory Shelby

50 years of women’s rights

50 years of racism

50 years of Beatles music

50 years since we took flight

A man on the moon

Reality or a figure of speech?

In 1960, gleaming eyes stared upwards

And asked ‘Can we do it?’

Nine years later we answered ‘yes’

The hard work

The best and brightest 

Achieved a feat unparalleled

50 years ago this week

we conquered that great frontier

Only to have our success languish

in conspiracy and fear

‘They staged it!’

‘Aliens in Area 51!’

‘It’s sound stages, I’m telling you!’

Fake news - the only thing we know is real

Why stain our greatest accomplishment?

The pinnacle of innovation

Cynicism has taken hold

Maybe it really is all cheese


Writer/Producer: Gregory Shelby is an LA-Based actor, writer, and producer, and the owner of Green Tree Studios, LLC. His credits include the PBS documentary American Umpire, A Closer Walk With Thee (Amazon), Stasis (Netflix), the short form comedy Guys Night, Days of Our Lives (NBC), and the independent pilot Relic. 


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