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Please/remember me/happily. Growing

A Love

In this Time

The time when/

your Hand clutched your Chest when you first Saw me. Your black t-shirt and your watch, calmly showing the Time when -

Your knowledge of which way we needed to go.

Your hand grabbing mine outside by the gargantuan bird.

Your questions, Soft as they come - as True as your Heart.

(You always capitalize the important words - I can’t stop doing that now).

Please/remember me/fondly.

Convinced I have come here for you. Irretrievably Awake with you.

That time after we dreamt (Sunday night re: huevos rancheros).

That time the wine stained our teeth (the fire mirroring our love back to us).

That time you shook your wrist to adjust your watch before running your fingers through your hair and switching your hat’s position on your head (the First of many Times).

Please/remember me/at Halloween.

That night I showed my face. Your chest humming each time I sent you words. Being With You.

Same chapter, same page,

Same paragraph, same sentence,

Same word, same letter.

Please remember me/mistakenly.

I sang that Amsterdam tune to You: “She'll follow me down every street/No matter what my crime.”

Please remember me/my misery.

You shock me with your gracious Heart, despite everything I present.

Your firm embrace after I sob.

Your smile after I pass gas.

Your quick look away after I walk to the wrong door.

Please/remember me/as in the dream.

Dreams of You these days. Just last night, Touching your Face. Cradling your Face in my lap.

So lilac-based.

So fragile.

So This Life (mayhaps some other ones too).

Please/remember me/seldomly.

Our Synchronicity takes my breath away.

(-another note to my lover: remember that Time on the phone - 1/23).

Please/remember me/Finally.

(You always say it’s me, but what you don’t know - it’s actually You).

Your Light.

Your Being.

Your You-ness of You.


A Love

In this Time

(with you)

(for you)

(only you).

Photo by Elijah O'Donnell.

"How to do taxidermy after Wikihow" by grace burton

1. kill it in the afternoon sunlight gunshot till the leaves stain custard

2. buy an outdoor freezer you don’t want to live with the smell of life in your kitchen

3. grocery store alcohol will do you might as well buy a corona for your father too

4. purchase “Smooth On,” the commercial molding agent, and in a separate bowl stir plaster in water, sing bate bate chocolate as you work if you find it tiresome

5. make a cast of plaster like the doctor did when you broke your arm in middle school this time mold it to the shape of breathing

6. you are a sculptor you are leonardo you are witch doctor, saving

7. cut a seam up the mid line of the belly with your fingernail but be careful not to puncture the organs then you will be covered in liver juice

8. loosen the skin in a kind of dance with your fingers you are feeling the inside of skin ripping peeling it like a carrot for thanksgiving dinner or a potato

9. “think of it as taking off the animal’s jacket or trousers”

10. if you rip skin by accident, use tape, scotch should do

11. for anti-rot skin you are salting like pastawater

12. sun skin the microwave will do if you are having a cloudy week

13. tanning oil from your sisterinlaw on salted skin

14. suffocate skin in a ziploc

15. buy an outdoor refrigerator because the freezer is too cold for the ziplocked skin and you don’t want to live with the smell of life in your kitchen

16. skin drapes onto plaster mold you are a curtianeer you are restoration hardware

17. melting custard lemonade, cake batter

18. steal cotton from your boynextdoor and fill skin with cotton until skin takes up the other side of the table

19. “think of stuffing skin like dressing a doll”

20. sew skin shut like a build a bear

21. rope, the one in the garage will do

22. tie it to the tire swing and push it to remind it of wind

23. place it on your coffee table and call it art/alive/your masterpiece congratulations you are taxidermist man