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Podcast #4: Momentum Shifting Books & Advice with Dave Cassidy, Writer & STartup Founder

In this month's podcast episode, Amy Suto and Dave Cassidy talk about the best advice they've received about breaking into Hollywood, and in regards to their writing -- while acknowledging that, in the words of Naval (whose podcast you need to check out if you haven't already) all advice cancels to zero.

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Amy also talks about how she's still getting meetings from a script she wrote in high school, Boy Meets Assassin, and her recent Los Angeles Times Op Ed about how pole dancing helped her come out as bisexual.

About Dave:

Dave Cassidy is a writer. Before that, he’s been a Soldier, Missionary, and Wandering Tech Entrepreneur. When he’s not traveling or trying to learn other languages, he’s probably outside on the water or playing on snow. 

Below is an amalgamation of Dave & Amy's lists of the books that they think are "momentum changing." Thanks to everyone who contributed to this list and recommended their own suggestions.

Momentum-Changing Books

The Most Recommended + Dave's Favorites

Man's Search for Meaning, Victor Frankl

Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson

The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho

The Name of the Wind, Patrick Rothfuss

Walt Disney, Neil Gabler

Video: Michael Arndt on Endings

Amy's Additions

Grit, Angela Duckworth

The Power of Vulnerability, by Brené Brown

The Story Grid, by Shawn Coyne and Shawn T. Coyne

Find the full list here.

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