Podcast #3: Producing For Writers and Actors With Amy & Flannery

Flannery Maney, actress/writer/producer

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In this episode, Amy and Flannery talk about getting into producing, making our own content, using sizzle reels to promote our scripts, and how we approach balancing our different roles.

Flannery shares her stories about what it was like to produce her films THROW LIKE A GIRL, SCARS, and BEYOND THE CRACKS.

We get into the dynamics of working on set, working for free, and how to collaborate with others.

Amy Suto, TV writer

We also set goals for the rest of the year and chat about what we're obsessed with lately and try and get my cat from getting into trouble.

In this episode, we also chat about our friend Kim Kressal, an awesome writer who runs writing workshops here.

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