Pavement Podcast Episode 1: Noah Suarez-Sikes & Amy Suto Talk Writing in Los Angeles

Welcome to the first episode of the KINGDOM OF PAVEMENT podcast!

Each episode will be different, and feature interviews, discussions, and other fiction and non-fiction content.

In this episode, writer Noah Suarez-Sikes and I cover the basics of what it means to be a writer in Los Angeles, from moving out here to networking to how to create a compelling concept for your TV show, and other lessons we've learned so far as writers. We also practice our ASMR and talk about New and Young Popes.

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music attribution: nightWalk by airtone (c) copyright 2017 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license.


Noah is an extremely bankable (hire me) dramedy writer originally from Chicago, Illinois, who is currently also the world’s greatest living expert on the cars from the movie CARS (hire me); you can read more musings from him in between leftist jokes on his Twitter, and see him live a normal human life on his Instagram, like an animal in a zoo! Also, hire him.


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