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Tinder Book Release: Not For a Relationship <3

Pavement's FIRST handmade book of Tinder Bios by Bailey Clark, illustrated by Maya Zohbi and published by Dim Sun Ranch Press. (SWIPE RIGHT FOR MORE!) To buy your copy, visit our store here. <3

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ACTRESS: MADISON SHAMOUN (@madisonshamoun)


In a collaboration with book artist Bailey Clark, Kingdom of Pavement with Dim Sum Ranch Press is happy to announce the limited run of her book 'NOT FOR A RELATIONSHIP' with illustrations by Maya Zohbi. There are only a few copies available in the world, and we're lucky to be the exclusive bookseller of this book. Proceeds from this handmade book of Tinder Bios will go to Planned Parenthood. Photos by Austin Hughes and our models are Madison Shamoun and Rebecca Jordan .



Bailey Clark is book artist and paper maker currently finishing a residency at UC Santa Barbara’s College of Creative Studies. The conceptual underpinnings for Not For a Relationship were inspired by the epistolary novel Dangerous Liasons by Choderlos de Laclos and the differing perspectives of events that can be read through the letters of different characters through out. Similarly, this book was created to highlight the different voices and characters that can be found in the new way we communicate and express our identities via dating profiles.

This particular project would not have been possible without the help of Zachary Clark, who curated the bios, and the illustrations by Maya Zohbi, who blindly accepted a list of descriptions of objects and brought them to life.Bailey Clark is a mother of one rat named Piccadilly and one plant named Otis who are currently under the care of loved ones during her creative and emotional retreat in New York City where she is making paper amongst friends. She does not have a Tinder.


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