'appyness', the film that explores instant emotion

I sat down with Director Ryan Turner, Actress Danielle Roosa, and Writer/Creator Kathleen Roosa the day after the private screening. Their thoughts are labeled RT, DR, & KR.

It was one of those LA nights where I was late and couldn’t find parking. I was coming from writing group where my peers pitched me a new opening for my pilot. All I could think about were my fictional characters and their new potential beginning as my heels clacked down the foyer of Duello.

Hurrying along the polished checkerboard floor, I saw that the party was in full swing. I felt my nerves flare as my head was still in the mindset of world-building in 19th century England. I saw my date wave at me, a plate full of various cheeses in his hand, comfortable being a stranger in a sea of my friends- I was late and he was just going with it.