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By becoming a patron, you help us cover expenses and keep the metaphorical lights on as well as expanding our programs and events to support rising artists in Los Angeles and beyond.


Because of COVID-19, we had to cancel all of our in-person events for the year, but instead we're doing free livestreams to help keep our communities connected. We'd love to be able to keep doing these, and your support matters!

We're also offering a FREE copy of the ebook version of Freelancing for Creatives for our new patrons at the $5 level!

We'll be rolling out more free gifts and content for our patrons in the coming months as well as our regularly scheduled programming and more interviews with creatives here on the website. 

Wishing you the best during these scary times~~

xoxo (but with plenty of social distance),

-Your Kingdom of Pavement Team

(Amy, Flannery, Will & Lex)

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