We are Kingdom of Pavement: a creative media company with a mission to increase visibility for the incredible artists, writers, and creatives out here in Los Angeles, this Kingdom of Pavement we call home.

Kingdom of Pavement seeks to highlight and collaborate with rising artists through scripted podcasts, our online publication, and our publishing company.

In every aspect of our company, we make a promise to invest in ethical entertainment practices, such as: 

  • Commitment to Creatives. While we're a new company, we pay all of our artists and freelancers for their work and give them ownership over their IP. As we grow, we'll continue to invest in our team and work towards more competitive rates.

  • Commitment to Building Mutual Aid. As we grow, we commit to building up a mutual aid fund that will be used to support artists and creatives in different ways.

  • Commitment to Ethical Infrastructure. We bank with Beneficial State Bank, a certified B-Corp that seeks to build prosperity in local communities. We will only collaborate with sponsors and advertisers that share our values.

  • Commitment to Sustainable Practices. We use compostable mailers from NoIssue and all of our packaging is environmentally-friendly. We are committed to getting as zero waste as possible -- bring on the mason jar trash can!

  • Commitment to Fostering Underrepresented Voices. We commit to supporting voices that need to be heard through our different platforms. We seek to foster development of creatives across all backgrounds.​

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Amy Suto

CEO + Founder of Kingdom of Pavement & Scripted Podcast Writer/Producer (she/her)

Amy Suto is a writer and the co-founder of KINGDOM OF PAVEMENT, and started this publication to bring visibility to rising creatives doing great things in Los Angeles and beyond. She’s a TV writer, and most recently co-wrote an episode of the show CONDOR on the Audience Network. In her free time, she pole dances, teaches yoga, and attends immersive theater shows. She also runs a writing blog at AmySuto.com, and wrote and produced the scripted podcast The Last Station about the last radio station broadcasting after the apocalypse.

Kyle Cords

Advisor & Executive Producer of The Last Station (he/him)

Kyle Cords is a Kingdom of Pavement producer and a LA-based writer who attended NYU's Tisch School of the Arts and won their Hour-Long Writer of the Year Award. Since being in LA, Kyle has assisted creators like Damon Lindelof and Sam Esmail. In 2019, Kyle's feature script, Dream, was featured on The Hit List. He is currently writing and producing a soon to be announced podcast series. Kyle is also the founder of The Orphanage Collective, a reimagining of management by creatives, for creatives. He's also a writer/producer on The Last Station Podcast (TheLastStationPodcast.com)

michael perez

Director of Ethical Advertising and Marketing (he/they)

Michael Perez, a.k.a. MAP, is a freelance media producer based in LA. He's got four years under his belt working with writers and directors to hone and produce their material. Michael has worked on short films, music videos, web series, and even video games. When he's not working, Michael spends most of his free time training for his ballroom dance competitions and learning to be a trapeze artist. He's currently working as Kingdom of Pavement's ad sales manager, passionately securing advertisers who aren't just selling a product but are using their capital to better our world. Oh, and he's also working on his waltz spin turns, but that's a sore subject. Don't ask.

yasmin Morris

Music Columnist (she/her)

Raised on deep dish pizza, musical theater, the Bulls, and plenty of Motown, Rock & Roll, Hip Hop and, of course, Jazz, Yasmin (pronounced Yaz-meen, aka Yaz) gained a unique passion for music from an early age thanks to the best parents in the world who dragged her to every musical, concert, and jazz club that was easy to sneak a child into (being an only child has its perks!). After spending many years writing for herself, Yaz is excited to have the opportunity to join the Kingdom of Pavement family, and share her passion for music & discovering new artists with a wider community of music snobs (it’s okay, embrace it). Check out her column, Purple Coast featuring profiles on new exciting artists + trends, a rotating playlist, and plenty dope discussions within the world of music and live entertainment.

Jack bentele

Film and TV Columnist (he/him)

Raised as a Catholic in Texas, Jackson later realized he could still worship fate, shame, guilt, and graphic iconography as a heathen in California. At least now his church sells some popcorn. He writes genre stories that try really hard not to hate themselves, and thinks a lot about the future of this industry, how it doesn't really make sense anymore, and how we better start figuring it out before we lose the magic for good.

JOrge molina

To Be Nominated Podcast Showrunner (he/him)

Jorge Molina is a writer and filmmaker. He was born and raised in Mexico City, and is based in LA. He studied Writing for Screen & Television in the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California. He likes to tell stories about outsiders looking for a community, and his scripts have been awarded in world-renowned competitions, like the Austin Film Festival, the Juan Rulfo Short Story Competition and the Outfest Screenwriting Lab. He has worked extensively behind the scenes in organizations like GLAAD, Outfest Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival, and the Sundance Festival. He is excited to keep working towards creating entertainment that push representation forward. Jorge can be found listening to ABBA Gold or reading Agatha Christie at any given moment.

TYLER-marie walker

Casting Consultant & Director of The Last Station

Episodes 104-110 (she/her)

A self-proclaimed creature of Hollywood, Tyler has been building her credentials as an industry professional by making her way through the Hollywood trenches. Originally born and raised in Munich, Germany, Tyler moved to Los Angeles after graduating from Georgetown University’s Edmund Walsh School of Foreign Service in Washington, DC. She hit the ground running in Film & Tv casting, pivoted and made a quick stint into TV development at The Walt Disney Company, and finally graduated to the writers room in 2017 where she aims to create meaningful and entertaining content alongside fellow enthusiasts, telling compelling stories of grand adventure through the lens of intersectional heroes. Tyler currently serves as Kingdom of Pavement’s Casting Consultant, and Director of The Last Station’s episodes 104-110. 

Michelle lin

Administrative Assistant (she/her)


Michelle acts, sings, and produces things. Originally from Texas, Michelle is now an LA-based artist who is passionate about the intersections of art, sustainability, diversity, and healing. Most recently, Michelle has completed a documentary covering theatre and representation. She has previously worked in various community orgs/non-profits (shout out to her fave, the Austin School of Film), production companies, and on short films. In Michelle's free time when she's not walking, tripping, or skipping she's dancing! She also adores film, theatre, and her circus family.

Braeden is a creative developer with a background in social media marketing, creative writing, screenwriting, and film development. She graduated from Penn State University where she studied Communications / Film & Video and spent a semester in Athens, Greece where she studied Classics & Mediterranean Studies.  She founded CB’s Rookies, a special education non-profit organization named after her brother, and worked as the Social Media Marketing Strategist at Palinka Pictures. Braeden promoted Pearl Gluck’s film, The Turn Out, an award winning docudrama focused on bringing awareness to human trafficking at truck stops. When she’s not working behind the scenes and the screens, she enjoys indulging in a bowl of mac’n’cheese (any kind, she doesn’t discriminate) and writing… in that order. Check out more of her work at braedenboyle.com!

Braeden Boyle

Freelance Social Media Manager + PR Strategist (she/her)

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