"Not For a Relationship" Rare Book by Bailey Clark

In a collaboration with book artist Bailey Clark, Kingdom of Pavement with Dim Sum Ranch Press is happy to announce the limited run of her rare, handmade book 'NOT FOR A RELATIONSHIP' with illustrations by Maya Zohbi.


There are only a few copies available in the world, and we're lucky to be the exclusive bookseller of this book.


Proceeds from this handmade book of Tinder Bios will go to Planned Parenthood. Photos by Austin Hughes (@FramedbyAustin) and models are Madison Shamoun (@madisonshamoun) and Rebecca Jordan (@rebijord). 

Freelancing for Creatives Skip the Day J

Freelancing for Creatives

In the digital age, writers and artists no longer have to wait tables or drive for rideshare companies in order to sustain their art. As a creative, you can leverage your skills and find freedom in freelancing. Escape your day job, travel the world, work whenever and wherever you want, and spend more time doing your art.


Author Amy Suto is a TV writer and freelancer who ghostwrites memoirs for people all over the world, and in this book she shares how she made her first $10,000 freelancing part-time on the platform Upwork when she was a Hollywood assistant, and how she's grown her freelance business to sustain herself when she's not working in writers' rooms.


If you're a creative interested in strategies to find fulfilling and high-paying work as your "day job" while you hone your craft, then this book is for you.